population six: pyrenean notes: Basa de la Mora
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Basa de la Mora

A 2.45 minute walk up and a 2 hour walk down. The going is steep in parts but for once going downhill I didn't suffer from mashed toes at the end. I have to say a big thank you to Tiso outdoor shop in Belfast for showing me the three knot boot lace up. You knot boot laces midway, at top and at midway point again. Feet are really well held in place, hence no sore toes.

Mid April and the snow is melting, though we were in time to see the lake with a covering of ice. Flowers are springing up, the air smells of pine, birds are chirping away, balls of frogspawn are to be seen in mountain ponds, yes spring is very much in the air.

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