population six: pyrenean notes: San Juan de Toledo
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San Juan de Toledo

On entering the church in the little village of San Juan de Toledo, one is immediately struck by the artwork contained in its interior; frescos dating back to 1599, the painted baptism well, murals... Whatismore, the site is truly spectacular: a 4km drive along a narrow road leads you to the church set in the flank of the Peña Montanesa mountain. The Collada (pass) de Sotal looms in the distance with a small hermitage situated mid way between the village and the pass. Another path leads to the Monasterio San Victorian near Los Molinos. I am told an approx 3 and a half hour walk round trip. There is only one family living in the village, so if you make the highly recommended trip to San Juan, it is worth calling with them to get the key to the church.

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