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Speedy Connection

Hooray! For those of us who have settled in rural locations, modern technologies have finally arrived to make living and working condition much, much better in the Chistau Valley. The answer: Internet Rural or ADSL. It has been a long wait but finally my connection has been upgraded from 56Kbps to 100,0Mbps. The difference is amazing, it's like having a new lease of life: rapid surfing, online newspapers, itunes etc... I don't know myself!

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Blogger trevor@k'alebeul said...

That's big news. What criteria are used for providing it? Is it a Gobierno de Aragón thing or is it nationwide?

Blogger Jayne said...

The Agenda 21 for Sobrarbe (governmental programme to help develop/energize activity in the area) found that one of the principal complaints preventing aforementioned was the weak state of telecommunications in the area. Hence the establishment of Internet Rural or wi-fi connections in telecentres,wi-max in the town halls and now the commercialization of ADSL by Telefonica. Local opinion of Telefonica is not great however, as while they are offering faster internet connection, it is not the fast connection expected. They are currently selling 516kbps and 1mb via a router system, yet wi-max has been functioning here for 3 months offering much superior speed. We can not understand why they are not selling this as opposed to having to first invest in the router and then at a later date invest in the equipment for wi-max!


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